What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention is a system of supports and services that help babies and toddlers with a developmental delay or specific health condition, and their families.

Early Intervention for infants and toddlers age 0-3 is provided in every US state, under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

How much do EI services cost?

Through grants to each state from the federal government, children who qualify receive services free of charge or at low cost.

What kinds of early intervention services are available?

Babies and toddlers who qualify for Early Intervention may receive help with development in these areas:

Physical skills (reaching, crawling, walking, drawing, building)
Cognitive skills (thinking, learning, solving problems)
Communication skills (talking, listening, understanding others)
Self-help or adaptive skills (eating, dressing, washing)
Social or emotional skills (playing, interacting with others)

What is the first step to take to start the EI process, if I have concerns about my child's development?

If you are concerned that your baby or toddler is not developing according to typical “milestones,” call your pediatrician or your local Early Intervention office.

In addition, Sunrise Therapy’s friendly staff can guide you through this process. Contact us today so we can complete a referral form on your behalf needed to initiate a county evaluation for your child. As an EI provider agency in multiple states and counties that has provided services to thousands of children, we use our knowledge and experience to help you access the supports needed for your child immediately.

I am a daycare director and have concerns about the development of some of the children at my daycare. Is Sunrise able to assist?

Call us about our free daycare screening community service program

Our “Lend a Hand “program’s mission is to offer brief developmental screenings upon your request at your daycare, and then link eligible children with EI county evaluations and potential services as indicated.

Where do early intervention services take place?

EI services take place in a child’s natural environment- usually at home, daycare or other community settings.

How frequently will my child receive services? How long is each session?

If your child is found eligible for Early Intervention services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed, and services will be provided according to your child and family’s unique needs.

The duration and frequency of EI sessions vary and will be determined by the plan, according to state and local guidelines.

Can I observe my child's therapy sessions?

Parent participation is an integral part of early intervention.

We encourage you to observe and be actively involved in your child’s services, and collaborate with the professionals on your child’s EI team.

How long do early intervention services last?

Early intervention services usually last up to age 3. Many states will extend early intervention services beyond your child’s third birthday.

In addition, children older than 3 may be eligible for special education services under IDEA. These services pick up where early intervention leaves off. A few months before your child’s third birthday, you and the early intervention team will discuss the transition.